Cost-Per-Action Mobile Ad Network Moolah Media Launches Ad Unit To Measure Actions Beyond The Click

Moolah Media, a recently launched mobile ad network that uses a cost-per-action and cost-per-lead model, is rolling out a new performance optimized ad units for advertisers and publishers with the launch of its new SmartMoolah layer.

The network launched last year allowing advertisers to drive inbound calls directly to a call center, collect signups and registration leads, while also tracking conversions. Moolah promises higher payouts and 100 percent fill rates for publishers, and ads can be placed within apps, on the mobile web or within text messages.

Earlier this year, the startup added a number of new ad formats for display or in-app advertising. Currently, Moolah reaches 20 million users and serves a billion ad impressions in the U.S. per month on its network.

The newest ad unit, which is being unveiled today, aims to measure consumer actions beyond the click, subsequently, helping serve more relevant ads for each consumer. The startup compared the relevance technology to a Pandora-like experience for the consumer. Unlike traditional cost-per-impression, cost-per-click, or cost-per-download advertising, SmartMoolah measures actions after the click. SmartMoolah ads are mobile display units measured on a cost-per-action basis. Actions include download, form submit, click-to-call, and interactive SMS.

Actions that occur after a click show publishers when a consumer makes a purchase, clicks on content, or shares the experience with others. Based on a consumer’s actions, Moolah can serve up more relevant ads to that consumer in the future.

SmartMoolah ads can be deployed in Android and iOS mobile apps through the company’s SDKs, and within mobile websites using standards-based APIs. The startup says that a campaign optimized by SmartMoolah ads performs eight times better than a campaign that is not targeted, resulting in $0.96 eCPMs over just $0.12. SmartMoolah ads also promise to double click-through rates.