Video: Toyota Shows Four Healthcare And Nursing Robots

Honda isn’t the only Japanese car maker active in robotics (with Asimo etc.), Toyota has been active in this area for quite some time, too. Big T showcased a total of four robots yesterday, all with the healthcare and nursing markets in mind. It’s not a surprise Japan’s biggest car company is focusing on these areas, as its home country has the oldest society in the world (23% of the population are 65 or older).

Here are the robots Toyota showed during their press conference in Tokyo:

Independent Walk Assist (help paralyzed people walk)

Walk Training Assist (supportsĀ return to natural walking for people with impaired walking)

Balance Training Assist (trains people who have trouble maintaining their balance while standing)

Patient Transfer Assist (the most advanced and unique robot of the four, helps caretakers lifting and moving patients)

Toyota considers commercializing these robots sometime “after 2013”.

This video, shot by Diginfo TV on location, provides more insight (in English):