Nokia Strikes Supplier Deal With ST-Ericsson For Windows-Powered Handsets

It’s a big day over at ST-Ericsson. The chip maker, which has yet to turn a quarterly profit, just scored a major deal with Nokia to power its Windows Phone handsets. This deal effectively ends the monopoly Qualcomm has had over Windows-powered devices, and should also allow Nokia to sell lower-priced smartphones in new territories, reports Reuters.

We’d been hearing rumors of this deal for a while now, but as ST-Ericsson’s press release crossed the wires this morning the new partnership was officially confirmed. It’s still unclear which processors Nokia will employ, but Ubergizmo speculates that we’ll likely see the U8500 dual-core SoC’s sometime soon.

Nokia recently unveiled its first Windows-powered handsets: the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. While both show promise, especially with Mango at the helm, the verdict is still out until we get a chance to do a proper review.