Cloudera Founder Debuts Big Data Management And Analysis Platform WibiData With Backing From Eric Schmidt

Exclusive: Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia is debuting his new startup today, called Odiago. Odiago develops a product called WibiData, which leverages Apache Hadoop to manage and analyze large amounts of data. And the company is launching with a number of major backers including Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, and SV Angel.

For background, Bisciglia founded Cloudera, a developer and commercial distributor of Hadoop, the open source software that powers the data processing engines of the worldʼs largest and most popular web sites. Prior to Cloudera, Bisciglia was a senior engineer at Google where he founded and led Google’s Academic Cloud Computing Initiative, which provides Google hosted computational resources to facilitate education and research to universities around the world.

Bisciglia left Cloudera earlier this year to pursue other opportunities, which included Odiago. The startup, which includes a number of Bisciglia’s former colleagues from Google’s personalization team, is launching WibiData to help manage and analyze complex business data about users so you can predict how they are going to interact with the product in the future. Specifically, Bisciglia explains that the technology can be used for personalization for a number of web companies, including consumer web, e-commerce and gaming companies.

Bisciglia says that customers can also use the data analysis to create personalized products and services. And the technology easily integrates with business intelligence and database offerings. The company already has a number of high-profile customers using WibiData, including Wikipedia, Rich Relevance, and Atlassian.

As Bisciglia explains, Cloudera was a great opportunity to go wide in the application space. With WibiData, he is able to hone in on a specific business function for companies with massive amounts of data.

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