Cloudability Debuts To Help Manage And Monitor All Of Your Cloud Costs In One Place

Cloudability, a platform to manage and monitor all of your cloud costs in one place, is launching to the public today. For the past few months, the Portland-based startup has been in private beta.

Cloudability helps businesses be more efficient on the cloud by analyzing a company’s entire cloud spend for cost savings opportunities and make recommendations. Cloudability supports more than 80 cloud and application providers, including AWS, Rackspace, Heroku, Airbrake and Google Apps, to give companies the ability to monitor and analyze complete cloud spend across multiple vendors.

The startup aggregates cloud costs into comprehensive reports and a simple dashboard to help companies understand and manage their cloud service spending, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and identify opportunities for coud cost savings. The service also includes daily customizable email and cloud spend/ activity notifications.

Cloudability is now tracking more than $10 million in cloud spend, and in its private beta identified an average of $2000 in efficiency gains per customer. Early beta users include SlideShare and others.