Twitter Debuts User Testimonials, Er, Stories: For When 140 Characters Are Not Enough

Last year, Twitter debuted a marketing campaign, called Twitter Tales, that showcased ways in which users interact with the microblogging platform. Today, the company is launching a similar campaign, called Twitter Stories, which seems to show interesting Tweets and ways the site’s users are communicating via the platform.

For example, Maureen Evans uses Twitter to share recipes with users. Aaron Durand was able to save his mother’s bookstore using Twitter. Well-known film critic Roger Ebert uses Twitter as voice after he lost his voice.

Some stories are even accompanied by videos (embedded below). Users can send their Twitter stories via the hashtag #TwitterStory or by mentioning @twitterstories and Twitter will choose to showcase certain ones.

User stories are always a good marketing tool. Facebook launched a similar marketing campaign around their 500 million users milestone last year, called Facebook Stories. Google also launched Google Stories, which collects stories from users sharing tales about how Google effected their lives.