Joukuu Lets You Manage Files Across Google Docs, Dropbox And

Do you have files scattered over Google Docs, Dropbox and and look for a way to manage them all using just one platform? Then Jouuku, a file management solution supporting said services, might do the trick for you. The basic idea here is to make it simple to track, edit and share files across multiple cloud storage accounts through a centralized platform, dubbed Joukuu Web. (There is also a Windows-only Joukuu desktop application.)

For example, you can use Joukuu to manage files from a Google Docs account you use for business and your private Dropbox and/or accounts using a single window – right in the browser. (In other words, if you strictly use just one cloud service provider, Joukuu isn’t for you.)

After adding accounts, Joukuu automatically crawls and indexes all files and lets you handle them through a clean UI. You can access all files (and folders) directly through Joukuu Web, share selected items with others across different cloud service providers, or add/delete/duplicate/rename any files and folders. All modifications get synced back to the cloud service in question.

What’s interesting is that it’s possible to use Joukuu to search for specific files or folders across accounts plus share and collaborate on documents with others across different service providers. Joukuu is fully integrated with Google Docs, meaning you can share or collaborate on files with anyone across providers, without uploading any files to Google Docs – everything is done within the backup account you’re using.

File sharing and search:

Another feature is that you can set up categories for specific items. For example, if you’d like to centralize pictures scattered across the various cloud service accounts, you can create a “photos” category and drag and drop all items into that category on Joukuu.

However, this is only possible with the desktop application at this point, with Joukuu offering a paid version called Plus (price: $29.99) and a free Lite version. If you’re a Mac user (or don’t want to download the client), I’d suggest giving the web version a spin (which just launched for free for one account and $40 yearly for multiple accounts/50% discount for the next ten days).

Click here for a comparison of the features and prices of the different versions.

Joukuu currently plans applications for smartphones and will also support more services (Sugarsync, Huddle, Skydrive etc.) in the future.