Video: Robot Dresses Dummy

And we’re another step closer to Robocalypse: researchers at the Nara Institute Of Science And Technology (NAIST) in Tokyo are working on a robot that’s supposed to one day dress humans autonomously. The current prototype, which NAIST says is the world’s first robot of its kind, can help to put a T-shirt on a dummy in about 10 seconds.

What’s interesting is that for the arms, NAIST uses WAM, robots arms with 7 joints that are made by MIT spin off Barrett. According to the institute, the robot comes with 10 high-precision cameras to perform the (for a robot) difficult task and will be improved in the next few years.

This video shows the robot, which is supposed to help make life easier for the elderly or handicapped people, in action:


Please click here [JP] for another (non-embeddable) video.

Via Robonable [JP]