Vida Introduces Live Filters, And A Fun Way To Compose Your Life Stories

The photo sharing app market is a very competitive battlefield: Instagram, Path, Color and so on. In China, the market is even more tough, several photo and video applications like Camera360, LemeLeme, Tuding etc already claim millions of users. Vida, an iPhone and Android application developed by a Shanghai-based startup, introduces a new and fun way to organize and share the moments of your life.

On the ‘traditional’ photo sharing applications, you usually need take the photo first, pick up the filter for special effect, then share it with friends. Instead, Vida provides dozens of curated Live filters, which make the experience really what-you-see-is-what-you-take. And the live filters can be applied to video-shooting too. More than the photo sharing, these video clips can be even uploaded by Vida and shared with friends. The related information such as timestamp, location, the user name etc will be auto tagged on the photo/video and presented in nice way with timeline.

Users could search and browse the stories by their friend circle, by nearby location and by fresh hotness. The shared content can be also viewed on its web site, on both timeline view and map views.


Q. what’s the business model

A. Freemium model to start, working with brands could be one.

Q. How to differentiate Vida with others

A. Vida is moment-focus photo/video sharing service ant its live filters are unique in local market too.