The Complete Guide To Disrupt Beijing (Day 1)

TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing kicked off earlier today with our own Sarah Lacy interviewing Pony Ma, founder, Executive Director, Chairman, and CEO of Chinese giant Tencent. In the first interview Ma agreed to by a foreign journalist, Lacy and Ma chatted about Tencent’s past to the role China will have as the web continues to grow and mature.

Next up, TechCrunch’s John Biggs took the stage to interview Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, to chat about Rovio’s plans for the future, Rovio’s desire to become more than a games company, and why Angry Birds won’t end up like Pac-Man.

Former Googler Kai-Fu Lee sat down for a fireside chat with Lacy to talk about the startup ecosystem in China, his incubator InnovationWorks and more.

Wang Hua of Innovation Works, John Lagerling, Director of Android Global Partnerships at Google, and David Chao of DCM served on a panel discussing the Android Market in China.

And YouTube founder Steve Chen sat down for a candid, founder stories interview with Lacy, where he reminisced about selling his company to Google.

In the Startup Battlefield, 16 startups launched their ideas to the world including:

Richi: Richi allows the consumer to merge credits from multiple programs (in the future, this will include systems like Facebook credits, airline miles, and credit card points) into one pool, opening up rewards purchases they may not otherwise be able to make.

Alpha Outlook: Alpha Outlook allows for real-time social media tracking as well as improved control over reputation management and influencer monitoring

Qiuqiu: Qiuqiu is an app search that offers results based on your location, the time of day, and the things you like and do.

OrderWithMe: OrderWithMe is a group buying site specifically designed for the small Western businesses who are having trouble navigating the somewhat unintelligible world of Chinese manufacturers.

8Securities: 8Securities is a service that combines elements of StockTwits, E*Trade, and iGoogle’s personalization to allow users to build a largely customized web interface for absorbing financial information and dealing with trades.

Anquanbao: Anquanbao is a cloud-based software program that helps protect websites from security violations like malware and denial of service attacks.

Vida: Vida is a fun way to express the stories of your life with friends from mobile phones.

Yuwan: Yuwan is an application that lets TV viewers check into their favorite TV programs or even commercials and then share them on social media platforms such as Sina Weibo.

UPcload: UPcload uses your computer’s webcam to size you up, then recommend clothing that will fit you well.

NextGoals: NextGoals is an app that actually asks you to work out and then verifies that you went to the gym.

UnitedStyles: UnitedStyles is a Facebook Connect-enabled service that lets any user create customized women’s apparel, allowing them sketch out, adjust and share a design via an online interface and customized 3D preview.

Shakr: Shakr automatically creates video clips as the news breaks by algorithmically pulling in information, photos, and video snippets from around the web.

TouchPal: TouchPal is a mobile app that helps you “keep in touch with your contacts,” namely by adding social aspects to your current contact list.

Huohua: Huohua uses semantic analysis to find your social circle instantly.

Moglue: Moglue lets anyone create children’s books, using a simple and straightforward UI.

Gulu: Gulu is an event planning app that wants to fill the gap between services like Facebook Events/Plancast and those like Foursquare.

Tune in for Day 2 today here at 6 pm PT!