NextGoals Is A Cheaper, Cooler Fitness Tracker

NextGoals is an app that attempts to motivate the lethargic to exercise and stay fit. How does it work? By asking you to work out and then verifying that you actually rolled off the couch and out to the gym.

The system uses a device called the G-Band. It is a pedometer worn on the wrist and gives you real-time data on your PC and phone. You can gauge your progress over time and you can also connect with friends and family via various social networks.

The dashboard is quite clean and clever and it sends out status updates based on your current activities. You can also work with your friends to get more fit using NextGoals’ collaboration tools.

When compared to other health trackers, the G-Band is fairly compelling. First, it is only $29 and much cheaper than any other mini tracking device. They are aiming the product at China immediately and may move overseas later. They are also partnering with gyms in the country.

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