Huohua: Find Your Social Circle Instantly With Semantic Analysis

China-based Huohua (it translates to Spark) uses semantic analysis to find your social circle instantly.

Founded by Carl Wu, Huohua is trying to solve a problem of “where and with whom to have fun” by introducing a smart feature dubbed Instant Circle. Basically, it works like this: open the app to tap a keyword like ”basketball”, “hot pot” or “mountain climbing” to locate people with same interests around you, then live chat with them.

Thanks to the semantic search, the updates published on Huohua such as “get something to drink” and “drink beer” can be considered as the same interest and users can be thus connected. So based on where you are and what are you interested in, Huohua will be generating a location-and-interests-based instant circles just for you.

Huohua will be available on both iOS and Android.