Anquanbao Makes the Internet Safer, Faster and More Intelligent

Anquanbao is a cloud-based software program that helps protect websites from security violations like malware and denial of service attacks. Its product can be easily installed on any website. All that the administrators need to do is change his or her domain settings. Since abusive bots and crawlers waste bandwidth and server resources, Anquanbao’s product also helps websites load faster.

Anquanbao service is freemium, and it offers free service and provides value-added services to the mid-end and high-end users who have more security and performance needs. It is like CoudFlare but it more focus on Chinese sites.
“China has more than 2 million websites, 1 percent of which could be expected to pay for the security service,” the founder of Anquanbao said at TechCrunch’s Battlefield Beijing, “There are more than 200 thousand governmental websites must be protected.” According to the founder, the market size is expected more than 3 billion RMB (~500 million USD).


Q: Who are your customers?

A: Enterprise, from small to big ones.

Q: How could you convince the IT staff of your customer with your credibility and trust?

A: We don’t install any software into customer’s system and we bring experts who help work on the hard stuff for those IT staff.