8 Securities Is A Sleek, Fully Customizable Financial Dashboard

My first thought as I looked at 8 Securities, a new startup launching today at TC Disrupt Beijing, was, “I didn’t know financial dashboards could look sexy.”

But that’s exactly what the Hong Kong-based startup has done: it’s built a service that combines elements of StockTwits, E*Trade, and iGoogle’s personalization to allow users to build a largely customized web interface for absorbing financial information and dealing with trades. Users can add widgets containing graphs, stock tickers, video streams, and other content, which they can arrange in whatever way they’d like.

In addition to facilitating trades, the service also has a social component that allows investors to interact with each other — the company says it’s looking to break the mold of so-called one way advisor models by allowing investors to ask each other questions, and to syndicate their tips to social networks if they’d like.

The company will initially be launching in Hong Kong, where they say there is a market of 1.2 million online brokerage accounts, and will be expanding further into China as regulations allow them to.