Weekly Watch Round-Up

It is hard to pull of a good futuristic dive watch design as more traditional looks tend to be more timeless. Clerc however has done well with their Hydroscaph collection. Check out a review of the Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph watch here.

For another (and much more expensive) take on futuristic divers we thought the Blancpain X Fathoms watch had a suitably vague but fun sounding name. It has a mechanical depth gauge and some other neat features. Did we mention it is about 55mm wide on the wrist?

Those looking a clean looking Breitling watch will like the Transocean Automatic. It has a retro-inspired look but a modern size that is easy to read and very well designed.

The ultimate is personalization is getting a watch with custom art engraved on the mechanical movement surface. High-end brands like Blancpain offer services such as this. To showcase their work they are making special versions of the Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration watch for certain cities around the world.

New English brand Schofield releases their first watch in honor of a lighthouse. With a design that is both modern, minimalist, and masculine the Schofield Signalman GMT timepiece is an attractive first offering.

For a lot of people mechanical watches with open dials and skeletonized movements are the ultimate in horological fascination. Probably the best simple high-end Skeletonized watch for next year will be the record holding (for thinness) Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin watch.