RIM’s PlayBook Push: Buy Two, Get One Free

RIM’s ailing PlayBook has seen its fair share of price cuts at your local big box retailers, but here’s a deal just for all you businessfolk out there. From now until the end of the 2011, RIM is running a buy-two-get-one-free deal on their tablets through their network of authorized resellers.

The announcement makes no mention of the specific PlayBook models that business users can pick up, but presumably all three are on the table. The deal is sweetened a bit by a secondary offer that gives away one premium PlayBook accessory per tab purchased, so those just dying to score a leather sleeve, charging pod, or a 6 ft. HDMI cable can rest easy.

It’s not a bad deal per se, but it obviously presupposes that you or your business actually wants 3 PlayBooks in the first place. Despite being a RIM product, PlayBooks seem to lack some of the business-savvy that made BlackBerrys so ubiquitous. And speaking of BlackBerrys, don’t forget to keep them handy; with the PlayBook OS’s 2.0 release pushed back until February of next year, you and your coworkers will have to lean on BlackBerry Bridge for trivial things like email and BBM for just a bit longer.

if you’re just tickled by the prospect of swimming in PlayBooks, feel free to check out RIM’s list of vendors, or see if there’s one within spitting distance.