LiveMinutes Launches Simple, Free Document-Based Web Conferencing Service

There are still a number of pain points with existing web conferencing platforms, including having to install software, complicated pricing plans, poor usability, and cluttered interfaces. LiveMinutes is hoping to disrupt this space with its free, simple document-based web conferencing service.

LiveMinutes free web-conferencing service sits between file sharing and web conferencing. You can upload documents (i.e. PowerPoint presentations etc.), and LiveMinutes will give you a link to share with other participants. Participants can join without downloading any software or signing up.

Meeting leaders can start discussing and annotating around documents, and the service also integrates with Skype. And users can get a downloadable report after every meeting.

LiveMinutes launched in alpha a few weeks ago and has already conducted 10,000 sessions for 2,000 users. For anyone who is frustrated with their current web conferencing service, LiveMinutes is worth a try.