Motorola’s New LTE-Packing DROID4 Caught On Film

Motorola fans may still be riding high on the announcement of the Droid RAZR, but Droid-Life has just gotten their hands on images of yet another Motorola handset in the works: the DROID4.

The DROID4 apes some of the RAZR’s industrial design (like the funky corners and non-removable battery), but it sadly isn’t quite as svelte thanks to the spacious slide-out five row keyboard.

Like its direct predecessor, the DROID4 also sports a 4-inch display, although new additions like an LTE radio and the ability to sync to the MotoACTV fitness device manage to set it apart from previous models.

In addition to all that fun stuff, it also packs a few of the things we’ve begun to take for granted in our high-end smartphones: a front-facing camera, HDMI output, and the ability to shoot 1080p video.

If the four discrete soft keys haven’t given it away yet, the DROID4 doesn’t yet run ICS — it’s reportedly stuck on Android 2.3.5. This may come as bad news for Motoheads hoping for a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich sooner rather than later, but it makes sense considering the DROID4 is looking nearly ready to ship. It’s even got an introductory decal plastered on the screen, which leads me to believe it has a decent shot of hitting shelves before Christmas.

Given the pace at which Motorola seems to be churning these things out, I’m seriously wondering if their engineers have time to sleep.

Images courtesy of Droid-Life