Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch Wants To Track Your Body, Doesn’t Care If You Train Inside Or Out

It’s all about the data. The just-announced Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch doesn’t care where you’ve been or where you’re going. It only cares about your body while you’re going there. Despite coming from Garmin, the FR70 doesn’t have GPS. It only tracks and monitors the body’s vitals and then presents this info in a coherent fashion through Garmin’s online service making this a fine watch for indoor or outdoor training.

The FR70 is fully compatible with ANT+ devices such as heart rate monitors, foot pods, and even ANT+ comptible stationary fitness equipment. It records everything from speed to distance to the run cadence. There’s even an optional speed/cadence bike sensor that also works with indoor trainers. Once this data is collected, plug the watch into a computer and the info is uploaded to Garmin Connect for easy tracking.

This model is the latest in Garmin’s line of fitness watches but hits with a lot lower cost of admission. Available in November, FR70 will cost $129, which is $70 less than the FR60 was when it was first announced. However, now that the FR60 is only $99, you might want to save your $30. The new FR70 can hook up with the Tanita BC-1000 body-composition platform for six point body measurement tracking. That’s for the crazies. For the rest of us that just want some personal accountability (and maybe a new gadget) the older model seems just fine, too.