Video: Watch Cute Healthcare Robot RIBA II In Action

RIBA II is the name of a cute caretaker robot from Japan, which we covered before but now have a professionally made video of. The two-armed robot was developed by Tokai Rubber Industries and RIKEN (a private research institute based out of Tokyo) and is supposed to make life easier forĀ care facility personnel.

RIBA II is able to “gently” lift people (weighing up to 80kg) off the floor and onto a bed, freeing human caretakers of this hard task. His makers say they designed the material that patients get in touch with, especially the arms and hands, to be as soft as possible – thanks to the world’s first capacitance touch sensors made of rubber (see below).

A commercial version is scheduled to go on sale in 2015.

This video (provided by Diginfo TV, in English) shows RIBA II in action: