TechCrunch Ad Hoc Meet-Up In Hong Kong And Shenzhen

As you probably know, Disrupt Beijing is happening next week and I’ll be heading south from Beijing after the event. I would love to hang out with folks in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. As it stands, I think we can put together a meet-up in Hong Kong on Wednesday Night (November 2nd) and another meet-up in Shenzhen on Friday night (November 4). I welcome recommendations for spots and I’d love to talk to start-ups and gadget folks in those cities.

If you’d like to RSVP, email me at with the subject line “HONG KONG” or “SHENZHEN.” If you’d like to meet independently, please let me know – so far my calendar is wide open except for Friday during the day.

I’m looking forward to coming back to the tech capital of the world and I look forward to seeing you. I’ll send updates to Weibo and Twitter as well.