Possible Signs Of Google Music Store Found In Android Market

To add a little more screencap credence to reports that Google will be launching its own Music Download Store within the next couple of weeks, people who attempt to access music.google.com from their Android phones are presented with following screen on the left, advertising the Google Music Beta Android app, among other things.

What’s interesting about this page is that it seems like Google is currently working on it; earlier this evening the “Learn more” link did not work, and now it is referring to this page. The “Shop millions of songs in Android Market” link still doesn’t work, though it is set in the page’s source code to redirect to  Https://market.android.com/music.

The “Get Android App” link redirects to the Google Music Beta app, which currently is in a limited free trial, and does not let you purchase music from within the Android Market. Music Beta was apparently supposed to have this functionality at launch, but could not offer it because of stalling talks with the major music labels.

If reports that the service’s imminent launch are true, then at least a few of those negotiations must have gone well for Google. Perhaps we’ll see later this week, or when that second link starts working.

Via: News On Droid