Gets $600K To Give Geeks A Place To Brag

Developer communication network has raised $600K from angel investors Keith Richman, Nick Wilson, Neal Rapoport, Max Clark, Brian Tu, Sean Knapp, Jeff Fluhr, Joseph Hsieh and Great Oaks VC.

Relying heavily on Twitter OAuth, lets developers create profiles to house “cards” for programming-related achievements and micro-achievements like “I helped build Google Reader from the ground up,””Helped grow Skype from zero to first few hundred million users,””Redesigning parts of the SimpleGeo site to scale for more products,” etc. Users can view a stream of other user’s cards by clicking on the logo at the top of the site.

CEO Reuben Katz tells me that sites like LinkedIn or other recruiting sites are technically’s competition, but not really as focuses on nurturing the developer community, “What we do differently is provide a safe zone for developers to brag. Instead of their audience being recruiters or hiring focused resumes, we give them Achievement-based communication between peers from their own community.”

The site has gone from 0 to 10K users in five weeks and already boasts notable geek profiles like Evan Weaver and Laurence Gonsalves. Reuben’s future plans include hiring more developers with the financing and eventually building data analytics along with recruiting tools into the current product.

“There’s a much bigger utility for this tool,” says Reuben, saying that he’d eventually like to expand to other verticals, “If that’s what the market demands … Right now we’re totally focused on people who build things.”

“As a developer it’s extremely tough to go through the process of finding a job, equally as hard is hiring managers needing to hire developers. Today, although it feels there are a lot less developers available, through geeklist we’re proving that there’s a huge community of developers behind it” said co-founder Christian Sanz.

The first thousand people who build things interested can sign up here with the password 4Alexia.