Augmented Reality App Maker CrowdOptic Scores $500,000 In New Funding

CrowdOptic, a maker of an augmented reality app and mobile analytics solutions for the enterprise, has raised $500,000 in new funding today in a round led by Bowman Capital. According to CEO Jon Fisher, CrowdOptic will use the new capital to accelerate development of products in the area of mobile-powered technology for live events as well as expand the security features of its platform.

For those unfamiliar with CrowdOptic, the company makes a platform that can detect where crowds are focused in real-time by triangulating their angle and bearing via the GPS and compass on users’ smartphones. It then applies algorithms to detect shifts or anomalies in the crowd’s attention patterns. A dashboard and alerts system can communicate with onsite security personnel when a possible threat is detected.

The platform also supports real-time advertising, broadcasting and communication during live events, including augmented reality displays. This is how CrowdOptic gets the crowd to use their smartphones in the first place – a cool augmented reality app. At a sporting event, for example, a fan might be able to point their phone at one of the players in order to get more info about them, like their stats, or they could receive messages sent out from the team to its fanbase.

Recently, CrowdOptic signed security services firm Andrews International onto its platform, and will now provide its technology to its 15,000 security personnel for use at the events it oversees. “WithCrowdOptic, we will be able to surveil the crowd and support our personnel with a stronger arsenal than onsite security cameras,” Randy Andrews, CEO of Andrews International, said in a statement.

CrowdOptic is a privately held, venture-backed company based in San Francisco.