Wikinvest Brings Its Investment Portfolio Tracker To The iPad

Wikinvest’s realtime portfolio tracker makes tracking a number of brokerage accounts and your investment portfolio easy. The Wikinvest portfolio tracker lets anyone link up their real brokerage accounts to so they can keep tabs on their actual holdings, which are updated automatically every time you make a trade. Today, the startup is launching its free investment portfolio tracking iPad app, Wikinvest Portfolio HD, to enable users to track, analyze and manage all their investments in one place.

The app has been built from the ground up for iPad to give investors a high-level view of their investments. Through Wikinvest’s proprietary brokerage import technology, users can import their account information from over 60 of the largest brokerage firms in the U.S.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD also features visual analytics to give users insight into metrics including estimated portfolio risk, true asset allocation, geographic allocation distribution, and more. Users can also access a overview dashboard gives investors a bird’s eye view of their portfolio, easy-to-read news feeds, analytics on metrics such as asset allocation, geographic asset distribution, and a “Movers and Losers” section so investors can instantly see what is and isn’t moving in the market

Wikinvest, which currently tracks over tracks more than thirty billion dollars in real assets for its users, expects that the iPad app will be popular among users. In fact, the startup says that 75 percent of the 60 largest brokerage firms lack a portfolio app for the iPad. And 82 percent of Wikinvest’s active users use mobile, plus the startup’s mobile users are averaging 5.5 sessions per week.