Garmin Launches Fit App Just In Time For Holiday Feasts

If you’re looking to get preemptive with holiday weight watching, Garmin’s got an app for that. The company today released the Garmin Fit app, which tracks speed, pace, distance, time, calories, and with the addition of Garmin’s ANT+ accessories, heart rate and cadence. The app also maps out the user’s workout and uploads it directly to Garmin Connect, all for $.99.

We’ve seen devices that perform almost all the same functionality, though they tend to be much smaller dedicated fitness devices. The FitBit, the Striiv, and even Motorola’s new MotoACTV smart watch take the same metrics, but force you to carry around an extra device. That said, it may be much easier for most to pop a small pedometer/fitness tracker in their pocket or wear a watch than it would be for someone to carry around a 4.3-inch smartphone.

The upside to the Fit app is that it never stops working, even if you have to take a call or write a text. A single tap displays all your basic metrics, including time, distance, pace and calories. Users will also be able to control their music from within the app.

Once you’ve thrown in the towel on your workout, the Fit app will let you give notes on the experience and input details, at which point all the information is sent straight to Garmin Connect. From there, users can track their overall performance and improvements over the last 30 days.

The Garmin Fit app is available now as a $.99 download from both the Apple App Store and the Android Market.