Keen On… Parag Khanna: How To Run The World (TCTV)

Yes, we know that technology entrepreneurs are revolutionizing media, healthcare, education, energy, even government. But what about the ancient art of diplomacy? Can entrepreneurs – and, in particular, Internet entrepreneurs – help us run the world more effectively?

According to Parag Khanna, the author of How To Run The World: Charting A Course For The Next Renaissance, we live in a world of perfect storms and crises which requires management by what he calls “creative capitalism.” I caught up with Khanna last month at the excellent “Whose Crazy Idea Is It Anyway” conference in Amsterdam about the future of the university, and he explained to me how an entrepreneurial approach to diplomacy can make the world a better place.

So is Khanna correct: will the 21st century world best managed by creative entrepreneurs?