Apple Remembers: Video of ‘Celebrating Steve’ Memorial Now Available To The Public

Last week Apple held a special event at its Cupertino campus for employees to come together and remember Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5. The event was closed to the public, but Apple has just posted an 80 minute recording online. You can find it here.

It’s sad, but it’s very much worth watching.

The event, called Celebrating Steve, was attended by many thousands of Apple employees — both at Apple’s campus, and worldwide. Every retail store around the world closed its doors to the public for the duration of the event as the employees inside watched a live feed.

The video includes talks from many of Apple’s most prominent figures (and Jobs’s closest friends), including CEO Tim Cook, board members Al Gore and Bill Campbell, and the company’s SVP of industrial design, Jonathan Ive. The event also includes performances by Norah Jones, Coldplay, and Randy Newman.

One thing to note: the video plays in Safari for me, but in Chrome I see a message that it will be available soon (in other words, use Safari).