Video: Unlock Any iPad 2 With Just A Smart Cover And 5 Seconds

Apple, you got some ‘splainin’ to do! But no, seriously, this is big. Mark Gurman, from 9to5mac, just posted a video showing how incredibly easy it is to unlock an iPad using just a Smart Cover (or magnets, really). Worse yet, it’s stupid easy to perform. Any Smart Cover could unlock any iPad 2 and jump into the last used screen. Not that I have anything to hide on my iPad. The only reason I use a passcode is to prevent my four-year old from messing up my Jelly Defense game.

This iPad security flaw joins the one concerning Siri found just the other day. In that case the voice tools allow users to send emails and place calls all while the phone is technically locked. Hopefully both flaws make their way to Apple HQ and it will be addressed immediately.!