TomTom’s iOS Navigation App Gets iPad-Friendly Makeover

The weekend is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than going for a long meandering drive into the middle of nowhere. Roadtrippers may want to take their iPads along for the ride too, as TomTom has just announced an update to their U.S. iOS app that optimizes it for use on Apple’s tablet.

TomTom has tweaked their layout of their navigation app to make better use of all the screen real estate that the iPad offers. It can now, for example, display both the full-on route display and the lane guidance window at the same time — great news for people like me who can never seem to get those lane changes down pat.

Aside from the tab-friendly interface, a new map update is included, so you’ll never miss a far-flung Waffle House again. The app, as always, will run new customers $49.99, but existing users can download the app to their iPads free of charge.