Someone Please Just Make This (Update: Oh My Lord, Someone Did Make It)

“With funding from dozens of news outlets and media companies, the groundbreaking launched this week, providing an online destination where pandering and incendiary content is used to lure moronic Internet commenters away from all other websites.”

While you guys have been pretty awesome lately (part of me thinks you’re being especially nice so no one else leaves TC for VC), the scourge of terrible Internet commenters continues to plague other, less sophisticated sites. ;) In its typical brilliant fashion, the Onion has come up with a hypothetical solution, Outkube — a site developed specifically to bait all web trolls.

“Sources confirmed that each day Outkube’s software produces dozens of new pop-culture rankings, such as “The 10 Most Underrated Bands” or “The 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time,” which have been shown to occupy some of the Internet’s most obnoxious commenters indefinitely, freeing the remainder of the web for actual rational discourse. The new site also caters to its target demographic with a corps of full-time bloggers including Geraldo Rivera, Rosie O’Donnell, and Spencer Pratt.”

Hmmm … Is it just me or does this sort of sound like the Huffington Post?

Update: Okay wow, someone did make it. The Internet is a very special, magical place.