Siri, Could You Pour Me A Beer?

It’s Friday. Time to sit back, put your feet up, and crack open a cold one. Better yet, why not let Siri pour your beer for you? All you need is an iPhone 4S and a can of somethin’ nice. And an R/C car. And an Arduino hooked up to a Twitter account. And a sharp tack, and…. yeah, you get the point.

Sure, it’s pretty much the modern day equivalent of The Breakfast Machine. And yeah, it spills at least half of the beer. But having to pour your own beer is a real problem these days (AOL actually refuses to hire someone to pour my beer. I know, right?) — and gosh darn it, we just love problem-solvers here at TechCrunch. High fives to the folks at redpepper for this one, if only for the laughs.