Siri, Could You Pour Me A Beer?

It’s Friday. Time to sit back, put your feet up, and crack open a cold one. Better yet, why not let Siri pour your beer for you? All you need is an iPhone 4S and a can of somethin’ nice. And an R/C car. And an Arduino hooked up to a Twitter account. And a sharp tack, and…. yeah, you get the point.

[vimeo w=620&h=369]

Sure, it’s pretty much the modern day equivalent of The Breakfast Machine. And yeah, it spills at least half of the beer. But having to pour your own beer is a real problem these days (AOL actually refuses to hire someone to pour my beer. I know, right?) — and gosh darn it, we just love problem-solvers here at TechCrunch. High fives to the folks at redpepper for this one, if only for the laughs.