Google Now Lets Businesses & Schools Buy Chromebooks Without Subscriptions

Google announced today that its business and educational customers now have a second option for purchasing its new Chrome OS-powered laptops: upfront pricing, sans subscription. Previously, Chromebooks were only available to these institutions by way of a 3-year commitment. That plan didn’t fit in well with some organization’s yearly budget cycle, says Google.

Now, those customers can choose whether to buy Chromebooks on a subscription basis or just pay for the laptops up front.

The new option provides schools and businesses with access to the Web-based administration console for Chromebook management, phone support and hardware warranty coverage. After the first year, customers can opt to pay a monthly fee for management access and support.

The new prices are as follows:


  • 1-Year Upfront: $449 (Wi-Fi), $519 (3G)
  • Years 2-3: $5/month per Chromebook for management & support


  • 1-Year Upfront: $559 (Wi-Fi), $639 (3G)
  • Years 2-3: $13/month per Chromebook for management & support

In addition, Google says the management console itself has been updated, too, with better deployment, customization and asset management options, including integration with Group Policy and the ability to track Chromebook shipments.