BrandTable Concept Shows NFC At The Food Court

Australian design firm S-Digital has created an interesting concept application for the use of NFC (near field communication) in food courts. Yes, food courts – like those found at your local mall. The project, dubbed “BrandTable,” involves circular stickers containing NFC tags secured to the tabletop that, when tapped with an NFC phone, launch a menu and ordering page for a particular restaurant.

Using the mobile site, customers can place their order and even pay, without having to visit the counter or wait in line. When the order is ready, the phone buzzes so you can go pick it up.

BrandTable uses NFC in combination with Java and the Android SDK to pull up menu ordering system, and is demonstrated (see below) using Google’s Samsung Nexus S.

S-Digital built and designed the concept in conjunction with the University of Sydney, Mojo and Amnesia Razorfish.

Although NFC’s widespread adoption is still several years out, it’s concepts like this that help us to envision what the world may be like when the technology is more ubiquitous and accessible than it is today. And, admit it – doesn’t that look like a fun way to order food?