Changers Launches Mobile, Social Solar Charging System For $149

Changers is today launching its new solar powered gadget-charging system designed to power up your USB devices, including iPhones, iPods, Android phones and Kindles, using a simple, one-button device. The Changers Starter Kit, which includes the company’s “Kalhuohfummi” (TM) solar battery and Changers “Maroshi” (TM) solar module, can generate up to four Watts per hour.

The system has a social element, too. It uploads how much power it has generated to an online energy marketplace at where you can compare and share your energy savings with friends.

The solar panel, produced in Colorado, can be attached to any window or sunny surface. And the kit’s solar module can charge the system’s 16-Watt battery within four hours. When powering up your mobile devices, the system is capable of charging them as fast as a wall outlet could, the company says.

In addition, your solar charging data is uploaded online to where you’ll actually be able to visualize your energy savings. You can also compare your scores with other community members, or share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Those energy savings are turned into “Changer Credits” which can be spent at the company’s retail partners. (At launch, there’s only one so far: Holstee, which sells goods made with recycled materials. 100 Watts gets you $10 on the site).

Changers is now accepting pre-orders for its starter kit, reasonably priced at $149. Only a limited number will be available at first. The company was founded in Berlin, but is launching in the U.S. to attract the early adopters crowd.