BlueStacks Raises $6.4 Million To Give You One-Click Access To Android Apps On Windows Devices

BlueStacks, the startup that has developed software to let Android users run their apps on all Windows PC, tablets, and laptops, is announcing this morning that it has closed a $6.4 million series B round of financing. The round was led by AMD, Citrix Systems, and included participation from existing investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Ventures, Radar Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and more. BlueStacks raised a $7.6 million series A back in May.

The company plans to use its new funding to accelerate development of its app player (currently in alpha) and “Cloud Connect Service”, which together consists of free, downloadable software that essentially give users one-click access to Android apps on any Windows PC, tablet, or laptop — as well as the ability to view these apps in full-screen mode.

The recently released public alpha of BlueStacks’ “App Player for Windows”, which we covered last week, has already been downloaded in more than 100 countries, and the beta release of the app player is scheduled for this winter, in addition to a “Pro” version of the product, which will include access to premium Android apps like Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope.

BlueStacks’ technology works seamlessly with AMD APU-powered tablets and PCs (hence the company’s investment in the startup), which means that Android apps can take advantage of the horspower and graphics capabilities of the APU on many of the x86-based systems that run on Windows and the suite of Microsoft Office apps.

The startup is hoping to define the next generation of IT architecture for enterprise, and hopes to help push the industry towards being able to run mobile apps ubiquitously, enabling users to work and play from anywhere, on any device. With 250,000+ Android apps available through Cloud Connect, and 30-odd featured apps available for users to quickly grab and demo, so far, it’s already a great step forward for Windows and Android.