Best Buy Launches Appolicious-Powered, Curated Mobile App Directory

Social mobile app directory Appolicious is announcing a major new partner today—Best Buy. The consumer electronics retail giant is launching the Best Buy App Discovery Center, an Appolicious-powered mobile app directory designed to make it easier for consumers to locate and find recommended iOS and Android apps.

On the new platform users can search for apps that are organized into more than 1,200 categories, such as “Preschool Early Reading” and “Travel Destinations.” Search also features auto complete, making it easier for consumers to see if the directory has the app they are looking for. All search uses Appolicious’ algorithmic app search based on social, user-generated and editorial signals.

Beyond just providing an app directory, Best Buy is also curating apps as well. The site will list
the most popular apps in Android Market and iTunes App Store and features Best Buy Blue Shirts’ App Picks, which are recommendations from BestBuy employees. Consumers can even drill down recommendations by by specific store and store associate.

And the retail angle is BestBuy’s Price Cuts feature. The directory will include an updated list of price reductions in Android Market and iTunes App Store. For example Adobe Ideas app is discounted to $5.99 from $9.99 on the directory.

This is a big win for Appolicious, who also has formed a content partnership with Yahoo. Founder Alan Warms tells us that the BestBuy deal is the first of several similar partnerships that will be announced.

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