Amazon Extends Trade-In Program To Kindles, Non-Amazon E-Readers Welcome

If you’re looking to upgrade your e-reader, Amazon just made the transition that much easier. Today the online retailer extended its Trade-In program to cover Kindles and other e-readers. Trading in a Kindle should net you anywhere from $25 to $135 depending on the model and the device’s condition.

After entering your old e-reader into the system, Amazon will award you with a gift card for the value of your device. And if you’re about to toss your old Kindle in the garbage over shipping costs, think again — Amazon offers free shipping.

With the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see many e-reader owners take advantage of this program. Simply visit Amazon’s Trade-In page and enter in the name of your model.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes, and not only will you be making money off of what will soon be garbage, but you’re also helping save the planet. Go Earth!