Netflix For Android Finally Gains Honeycomb Tablet Support

If you’re running out of things to do with your Honeycomb-powered Android tablet, why not load up the newly-updated Netflix app? The fresh new 1.5 update finally adds support for tablets that run Android 3.x, in addition to spreading the streaming video love to tablets in Canada and Latin America.

“Wait,” you may be saying to yourself. “Hasn’t Netflix worked on Android tablets for a while now?” Well, sort of. You could coax your tab to run Netflix provided you went through the trouble of digging up and installing a dumped .apk, which in fairness is a pretty trivial process for those with a few minutes to kill. It was a less-than-official solution for sure, but hey — it worked!

This time, though, there’s no such fuss involved. It’s already live in the Market, and while the app is free, you’ll of course have to subscribe to Netflix’s stream-friendly monthly plans. Some may say the quality of Netflix’s catalog has slowly been going down the tubes, but I think $7.99 a month is a small price to pay to see Troll 2 whenever I want.

Update: Droid-Life has already started playing with the updated app, and it doesn’t seem to be optimized for all that extra screen space.