MC Hammer Announces WireDoo, His “Deep” Relational Search Engine

Somehow ending up on stage at Web 2.0 Summit, MC Hammer just announced WireDoo, an attempt at a relational search engine that he is somehow involved in.

“Why create another search engine?” Hammer asked the confused Web 2.0 audience rhetorically. “Well, what if Sergei and Larry had not tried?,” he said, referring to the fact that Google founder Sergei Brin was backstage during his talk. Hammer has a point. His offering, WireDoo, which is ironically un-Googleable, apparently has the motto of , “Search once and see what’s related.”

With WireDoo, which again, can’t be found anywhere search-wise, users will be able to search relational terms according to Hammer. Search for AAPL and you’ll get a list of mutual funds invested in AAPL, search for a school name, and you’ll get the truancy rate.

WireDoo really is a competitive attempt to recreate search according to Hammer, who is a Silicon Valley native apparently, “You could always make things better, create the next version.”

Okay so Hammer is taking on Google. I love my job. “No one’s playing for singles in the Valley anymore,” he ended the talk saying.

Update: It looks like you can sign up for the beta here.