Hands-On With The Gingerbread-Powered E Fun Nextbook Premium9 Tablet

E Fun has launched the third in its line of Nextbook Premium Tablets, a nine-incher to round out its size offerings. Almost identical to the 7- and 8-inch models (save for a lack of camera on the Premium7), the Nextbook Premium9 tablet rocks a 9-inch capacitive display, a silver back panel and an added hint of red around the edge.

The trio shares almost all the same specs, perhaps implying that size really does matter in the tablet arena.

The Nextbook Premium9 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 1GHz processor under the hood. Other specs include a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 4GB of on-board memory, a microSD card slot, and (somewhat oddly) a mini USB port. Honeycomb is on the way, which should be a blessing — Honeycomb was designed for tablets and Gingerbread just seemed a bit buggy here.

As far as design goes, I thought the Premium9 was pretty easy on the eyes. It felt a bit hefty, but in more of a solid way than a cumbersome one.

The Nextbook Premium9 should retail for around $269 in November, and I’d say this one is a fashionable — albeit desperate for a software update — option in the sub-$300 Android tab category.