Droid Razr To Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Update In First Half Of 2012

Motorola’s Droid Razr made quite the splash yesterday thanks in part to its impressive hardware, but the Android build that it runs seems bit quaint now thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich. No worries, though: if you pick up a Droid Razr when it ships in November, you should be getting the Android 4.0 update in early 2012.

News of the Ice Cream Sandwich release window came courtesy of Alain Mutricy, Motorola Mobility’s SVP of Portfolio and Product Management. He seemed to be very forthcoming while speaking at a Berlin press conference, mentioning that Droid Razr users will receive the update sometime in Q1 2012, and that Motorola is working to get the Droid Razr’s hallmark features working in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Among those features is Motocast, a nifty way to directly stream media and content from your PC to your Droid Razr. And who could forget Smart Actions, the context-sensitive app that manages device settings according to user-defined situations? The Droid Razr wouldn’t be the Droid Razr without them, so a little extra time to get things working is to be expected.

It’s a bummer for those who wanted (or hoped) to see Motorola’s hardware combined with Google’s latest-and-greatest OS, but at least the Droid faithful have something to look forward to.

Update: A Motorola representative has reached out to us to to clarify that ICS will make its way to US Droid Razrs sometime in the first half of 2012, and not the first quarter as originally reported.