DODOcase Adds Monogramming, Auto Wake/Sleep Magnet To Their iPad 2 Cases

Dodocase makes fantastic iPad and Kindle cases using traditional book binding techniques and equipment. They’re just great. The San Francisco-based company recently upgraded their offering with several welcomed features. First off, the iPad 2 cases now ship with a tiny magnet hidden in the liner to automatically toggle the tab’s wake/sleep function. This is a feature that Dodocase owners have long requested and until now, had to use ugly DIY solutions. Dodocase doesn’t do ugly.

Monogramming is also now available on the $59.99 iPad 2 case for $9.99. Lettering is done in either gold and black and elegantly placed on the bottom right of the front cover. For an additional $5, buyers can opt for several new liners instead of the traditional colored ones. The optional Dream Clouds (pictured up top) and The Woods liners add a bit of character to the otherwise straight-laced product.

We’ve tested several Dodocases since they first hit and they never disappoint. For better or worse, Dodocases age beautifully like a well-bound book. Hand-assembled out of black Moroccan cloth and bamboo, these cases will sadly not last a lifetime. However, they’ll serve you admirably and as Greg stated in our review, they could probably get you laid.