There Will Be Cake: Here’s How To Motivate Your Start-Up

Dexetra, a mobile start-up, impressed us all last night with their Siri clone, an Android app called Iris. The folks there were so thankful that their project hit the front page that they sent us a kind thank you as well as a picture of a cake that the founders gave the team in celebration of getting TechCruched [sic]. It’s heartwarming to see people who worked hard get rewarded for their excellent work, especially when the reward is in the form of cake.

The founders would also like to thank you, the community:

The article was just awesome. Got a lot of encouragement and positive feedback from the community. Our team is also very excited and would like to thank you for the write up.

Note: We are happy to post follow-up cakes in celebration of being TechCrunched, but let’s not make it a “thing.” Also, first person to comment “Slow news day?” gets cake. And banned.