The Era Of Attachment Is Over: SugarSync Adds “Share By Email”


As a fan of kitten videos, I’m often embarrassed by my inability to attach said videos to emails I’m trying to send the rest of my local chapter of American Society Of Kitten Video Lovers (ASKVL). While 50MB may seem small to some (and it’s a file barely big enough to hold a kitten video let alone a video of a kitten and and a baby monkey), it’s enormous for some mail systems. In the end, I have to use Dropbox or SugarSync to share the video with my intended recipient, adding an unwanted step in my kitten video sharing experience. It’s enough to make me cry uncontrollably into my Lemon Zinger tea mug!

SugarSync has heard my citrus-tinged cry and now allows you to share files within email messages, adding them just as you would add a regular attachment. However, once you add them, SugarSync takes over and adds a link directly to the attachment instead of embedding and sending the entire file. From the PR:

SugarSync, the Cloud storage, sync and share company, today introduced SugarSync for Outlook, the easiest way for both individuals and businesses to share large files using the Cloud from within an email. With SugarSync for Outlook, users can easily:
Share files via links from within an email, eliminating large attachments and saving email storage space
Generate and share links to files from remote computers that are synced to SugarSync
Backup all shared files to SugarSync from within Outlook
Easily track the number of times a file you’ve shared is downloaded, and control shared files with the ability to disable SugarSync links anytime
Rely on SugarSync to automatically share all files via links every time you try to send an attachment, or just when the files are too big

The plugin will upload your attached files to the SugarSync cloud and allows you to track the files and shut the links down as necessary. The system works with Outlooks 2007 and 2010 for Windows and it’s a free download. You can check it out on the SugarSync site. Most important, however, your Kitten Lover’s Saturday Morning Wine And Hugs Group will love you for it. I know mine will.