RIM Announces The BBX Platform, The Future Of BlackBerry

Mike Lazaridis, CEO of Research in Motion, “The whole company is aligning behind this single vision. It combines the best of QNX and Blackberry.” Meet BBX.

BBX is the future of RIM. Dan Dodge, president of QNX, joined Mike Lazaridis and proudly co-announced BBX. This platform incorporates enterprise, NOC and cloud services into one system that can run on smartphones, tablets and embedded systems. As Lazaridis stated, BBX is about bringing together “people, devices, content, and services.”

RIM and QNX built BBX to be secure. The platform is IEEE POSIX certified and conforms to EAL4+ and IEC 61508 Safety (SIL3) standards. The POSIX cert should allow for easy porting of Linux/Unix apps while providing a good deal of security.

HTML 5 is a big part of BBX. RIM sees the protocol as a bridge to older BB OS systems. Since BB 5 and BB 6 runs HTML 5, developers can code in HTML 5 for future and older devices.

Details are still a bit light despite the company spending a good deal of time during the DEVCOM keynote. More info will come from the Tech Keynote address at a later time.