Motorola Challenges The iPod Nano With MotoACTV Smart Watch

In a plot twist not many of us were expecting, Motorola took an opportunity at its NYC press event this morning (where we expect to see the Droid Spyder unveiling) to announce MotoACTV, a new smart watch.

CEO Sanjay Jha announced it has a 600MHz processor, and weighs in at just 35 grams. MotoACTV combines a GPS-enabled watch with a smart music player, which learns songs that make you work harder and plays them more often. The new watch also offers a built-in heart rate monitor (sans the chest strap), and relays every performance stat (including duration, distance, avg. pace, calories burned, and avg. heart rate) back to you through a bluetooth headphone set.

The MotoACTV watch tracks your running, walking and cycling stats outside, with treadmill and step machine stats recorded while you’re indoors. The watch also has an FM radio.

The watch also syncs with your PC, letting you access a dashboard of your performance stats at

MotoACTV will be available nationwide on November 6, with an 8GB version going for $249.99, and a 16GB model going for $299.99.