Meeker Says Majority Of Pandora’s And Twitter’s Traffic Is Mobile; Square Transactions Grew 20,000%

Mary Meeker gave her annual slide presentation at the Web 2.0 Summit today. The standout slides for me are the ones which track the breakout growth of the mobile web, a trend she was focused on last year and has continued to track closely. Mobile just keeps on ramping up growth. I’ve pulled out five of her slides which illustrate this trend.

For certain large Internet services, mobile already represents a majority of traffic. For Pandora, 65 percent of traffic comes from mobile, while Twitter gets 55 percent from mobile. Facebook, meanwhile, is only at 33 percent mobile (a percentage it expects to increase dramatically).

Mobile sales is also becoming a serious driver of e-commerce. eBay’s gross mobile sales is already at $4 billion, PayPal is doing another $3 billion in mobile transactions, Amazon is at an estimated $2 billion, and Square is already at $1 billion in gross mobile sales volume going over its system (an incredible 20,000 percent year-over-year growth rate).

Mobile search is up fourfold in the past year, while mobile app and advertising revenues combined is growing at a 153 percent compound annual rate since 2008. In the past four years mobile apps and advertising has gone from a $700 million market to an estimated $12 billion market this year.

Of course much of this growth is being driven by two mobile platforms, iPhone and Android. It’s really a two-horse race. With tablets, however, the two horse race is between iPad and Kindle.