Jotly Parodies Our Mobile, Local, Social App Obsession

Forget about rating restaurants and bars – now you can rate everything! According to this website, Jotly is a new startup that lets you rate everything in your life and share it with everyone. The service is mobile, local and social, and even includes points and contests.

Oh, and one more thing: it’s totally fake.

That’s right, despite sounding suspiciously like a lot of me-too apps that have already launched, Jotly is actually a parody that smartly (and hilariously) riffs on our current obsession with location-based mobile apps, social sharing and the somewhat misguided belief that everyone out there actually cares about what we think.

You may have already seen this – so forgive me for just now digging this up in my inbox (thanks Alex), but I couldn’t help but posting it here.¬†The joke is the creation of¬†Firespotter Labs’ co-founder Alex Cornell, who rightly assumed that I might like it.

“Share everything with everyone ever” is how he described the service. (Man, he even nailed the tagline!)

So what can you do with Jotly? Here are some ideas, per the video demo below:

“My friend gave this parking meter a C Minus. Clearly an A. A+. That’s what I think.”

“Beer in the alley, left in the sun. F…F Minus.”

Yep, it’s the next big thing for sure. Now where do I sign up?

Note that Firespotter Labs actually has their own mobile, local, social app on the market – the food-sharing app called Nosh. At least they have a sense of humor about it.