Estonia's PipeDrive de-cloaks at AngelPad demo day

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Today Estonian startup <a href="">Pipedrive<

Europe’s Square iZettle Raises $11 Million For Mobile Payments Technology

Europe's Square competitor <a href="">iZettle.</a> has raised $11.2 million in Series A funding (€8.2 million) led by <a href="">Index Ventures</

Vivint Solar Announces $75m Partnership With U.S. Bancorp, Expansion Into Three New Markets

"If they're [the solar panels] not producing energy, you're not paying for it." That was Vivint CEO, Todd Peterson on Vivint Solar, the company's latest attempt at bringing renewable energy to consume

A Quick Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Feature Rundown

While hardware junkies like myself may have spent the past few weeks drooling over the Galaxy Nexus, the onstage demo of Android 4.0 (a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich) proves that the software powering the de

(TCTV Exclusive) DropBox CEO Drew Houston Says The $250 Million “Is All Going Into The Company”

Today DropBox decided to officially announce its<a href=""> $250 million</a> series B round (which actuall

Ice Cream Sandwich: “Native Resolution” Is 720p

While introducing the new Galaxy Nexus today in Hong Kong, Samsung's senior VP for product innovation, Kevin Packingham, said something that surprised me a little. He said that Android 4.0, Ice Cream

Google’s Infinite Bookcase: An Abstract Browser For Limitless Libraries

I wrote a while back about the eventual necessity for the internet to <a href="">become beautiful</a>. The trouble is that the things in t

Galaxy Nexus Officially Announced At Hong Kong Event (Update: With Video)

There's still half an hour to go until the Galaxy Nexus officially takes the stage in Hong Kong, but the<a href="">

Fantasy Shopper turns window shopping into a social game where users can buy

<img src="" class="shot2" />A new venture backed by European Seed accelerator HackFWD has launched today. <a href="">Fa

Ballmer On Not Buying Yahoo: “Sometimes You’re Lucky”

Speaking today at Web 2.0, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was boisterous as usual. In a rousing talk with John Batelle, Ballmer talked about how, since last being on stage at Web 2.0 three years ago, Bin

Pandora’s Westergren: The Biggest Tectonic Shift In Music Is From Terrestrial To Personalized Radio

This afternoon at The Web 2.0 Summit, Pandora Co-founder <a href="">Tim Westergren</a> sat down with Fortune Editor Adam Lashinsky to talk about what's g

AngelPad’s Third Demo Day: Fifteen Startups Take Flight

Six months after the second cohort launched, the ex-Googler fueled <a href="">AngelPad</a> is ready to have at it again with a third brood of 11 business Internet-focused

Amazon Lets You Spin Up A Supercomputer Cluster

Thousands of companies from Dropbox to Netflix rely on <a href="">Amazon Web Services</a> to provide storage and computing in the cloud. Amazon's cloud computing offerings range

Google Ventures Takes A Moneyball Approach To Investing: It’s All About The Data

Today at Web 2.0, John Batelle sat down with <a href="">Bill Maris</a> and Graham Spencer of <a href="">Google Ventures</a> for

PlayStation Vita Will Debut In US And Europe On February 22

Sony's Playstation Vita has long been slated for a <a href="">December release in Japan</a>, but Sony has just

Meeker Says Majority Of Pandora’s And Twitter’s Traffic Is Mobile; Square Transactions Grew 20,000%

Mary Meeker gave her annual <a href="">slide presentation</a> at the Web 2.0 Summit today. The standout

Samsung Outs Verizon-Bound Galaxy Nexus On Their Website

If you still weren't convinced that Google and Samsung will be revealing the Verizon-bound Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong tonight, check out what an eagle-eyed reader managed to dig up on <a href="http://w

Euro VC sees an exit stateside

Good news for European venture house DN Capital. Oracle is to acquire Endeca Technologies, the Cambridge, MA-based enterprise search and e-commerce tech company. No word on terms, but DN capital was t

Micro Four-Thirds Lenses Too High-Quality For You? Try This One!

When I go on a trip or just out a-shooting with my camera, I often have a moment of slight panic, in which I try to decide whether I should take my nice big expensive lens with me and risk getting it

After A Rare Miss, Apple Predicts Record iPhone, iPad Sales And Hints At A $40 Billion Quarter

Yes, Apple <a href="">missed</a> with their earnings today. It's the first time in a long time that has happened. Some are suggesting that
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